In June 2019 Interarts  participated in the European Development Days (EDD), the annual event that brings together the development community to promote new partnerships and joint solutions in response to the most urgent world challenges. The overarching title of this year’s edition was “Addressing inequalities: Building a world which leaves no one behind.”

To demonstrate its commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to the 2019 EDDs’ theme, Interarts presented its work in development cooperation through culture with a specific focus on its DECIDES program aand Southmed WiA and Culture At Work Africa projects. It also participated in a joint Brainstorming Lab on “Promoting gender equality through culture and creativity” and presented a series of Pop-up sessions to emphasize the importance of cultural cooperation as a mean to respond to inequality.

The Proceedings of the EDDs have just been published. They include a brief description of each of the sessions held throughout as well as a list of all the speakers and organizations involved in the 2019 EDD Program. We share here this information which is particularly useful for all the stakeholders involved in development cooperation.

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