Interarts participated in the International Seminar on the Orange Economy for the department of East Antioquia, organized by the Institute for the Development of Antioquia (IDEA) and the Municipality of Ríonegro on September 5 in the city of Antioquia (Colombia), to discuss issues related to the Creative and Cultural Industries (ICC) and international cooperation.

During the last years, Interarts has designed and coordinated several programs on these issues in Latin America, such as the FOMECC – Promotion of Cultural and Creative Industries and LAIC – Latin American Arts for Inclusive Cities which, with their online platforms, FOMECC Biz and FOMECC Net, have been acknowledged as good practices at national and international levels. Local entrepreneurs and interested parties have been provided with training and meeting tools and knowledge on the Creative and Cultural Industries in Europe and Latin America has been enhanced. These experiences are relevant within the current development of the Creative or Orange Economy.

With the participation of Dr. Antonio Gucciardo, General Manager of Interarts, and Fred Danilo Palacio, Head of the Human Talents Division of the University of Antioquia and Coordinator of the FOMECC Colombia Program, Interarts shared its knowledge and experience with the participants to the seminar.

For more information on the seminar and the programme mentioned, please refer to the following links.