Interarts, in collaboration with the Committee on Culture of United Cities and Local GovernmentsUCLG, held the second edition of the ‘ Dialogues Eduard Miralles ‘ on 28 November 2019 at the Centre for Cultural Studies and ResourcesCERC in Barcelona.

The aim of this year’s edition was to reflect on the issue of public policies for culture in the framework of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Development, analyse the degree of effective implementation since its approval and, in particular, how different countries have operated with regards to culture.

In the framework of the VIIIth Euroamerican Campus for Cultural Cooperation, Eduard Miralles wrote that: “It is not enough to simply say that without culture there is no development. We must affirm and assert, along the lines of contemporary thinking such as that derived from the so-called Agenda 21 for culture, that without culture development is incomplete.”

We invite you to read the Eduard Miralles Dialogues 2019 Report and to continue working with us for a world where culture is indeed recognized as the key element for a better sustainable human development.  We also inform you that, on our website, you will find the proceedings of the VIIIth Euroamerican Campus for Cultural Cooperation, Cuenca (Ecuador), 2012, with the contributions by international experts on the role of culture for human sustainable development.