The ‘DECIDES Caribbean: Domestic Violence in Antigua and Barbuda: Final Research Report’ was published in December 2017, as one of the outputs of the project “DECIDES Caribbean – Cultural Rights to foster behavioural changes and women’s empowerment against Domestic Violence in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean” developed by a consortium of local entities led by Interarts and funded by the European Union.

The Report, based on input provided by relevant stakeholders from the responsible public administrations in St. Phillip and St. Mary, and on interviews carried out with both perpetrators and survivors, provides an analysis of the situation of gender-based violence (GBV) in the region and delivers recommendations for protection and support processes as well as concrete proposals to awareness of citizens in relation to the GBV issue.

We recommend this document to all those interested in promoting a cultural change necessary for the empowerment of women and building an increasingly strong and resilient society.