Between the months of May and December 2018, the Cercle de Cultura, in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Cercle d’Economía, carried out the Culture Forum 2020.

Over a hundred professionals from cultural institutions and organizations took active part in the Culture Forum 2020 round tables: within 8 thematic axes, they shared their experiences and views on the current situation of the cultural sector in Catalonia and the possibilities for its improvement. For Interarts, Gemma Carbó, president, Javier Brun, board member, and Mercedes Giovinazzo, director, participated in several of the round tables. Eduard Miralles, president of Interarts until his passing away in 2018, also participated in the debates.

The conclusions of the Culture Forum 2020 have now been released under the slogan ‘Foro Cultura 2020, punto y seguido. Propuestas para el debate’ (Culture Forum 2020, full stop. Proposals for a debate). They present the thirty challenges and priorities for culture in Catalonia and propose recommendations to position culture in public policies.

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