Following the announcement by President Ursula von der Leyen of the Commissioners’  and their portfolios, Culture Action Europe (CAE) launched a public campaign urging the President to bring culture back at center stage!

As of now, culture is grouped together with youth, research, innovation, sport and education in the portfolio of Ms Gabriel. Culture Action Europe is pleased to see culture embedded in this range of areas, are vital for the future of the European Union. However, there is a deep concern with the downgrading culture’s position within the Commissioner’s portfolio, primarily reflected in Culture missing from her title.

Culture is a distinct and vast component of European unity, which is essential to building a shared prosperous future for all European citizens. Culture’s tremendous role in the European integration has been consistently recognised by the European institutions in the past few years, which has created an unprecedented opportunity to seize its potential for building a strong and united European community. Now, with culture missing from the official title of the Commissioner, there are serious doubts that it will remain on the appropriate level of recognition. It is vital to affirm that culture is considerably larger than both fields of innovation and youth. Undoubtedly, all cultural and creative sectors are powerful drivers of innovation; moreover, culture is closely linked with youth policies. However, it remains an autonomous domain bringing its own contribution to the construction of our societies.

CAE has launched an online petition to support the call on transforming Ms Gabriel’s title into “Innovation, Youth and Culture” and calls on a specific mandate to foster dialogue and synchronize actions with other Commissioners dealing with culture-related matters.


Text by: Culture Action Europe