The ‘Academic, Cultural and Business Mission‘, organized by the Colombian Association of Technical Training Institutions (ASFOTEC) in collaboration with Foresco Spain, was successfully carried out in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona from the 14th to the 23rd of September, 2019.

The Mission was attended by representatives of 10 different Latin American institutions from countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. The objective of the participants was to meet with European technical cooperation and training entities in order to identify, explore, and deepen the key elements currently used by the technical training system in Spain and Europe to achieve good results. Interarts welcomed the participants to its home, and shared with them the good practices carried out so far in the field of Creative Industries and the Orange Economy.

As a result of this mission, not only is it expected to have exchanged the most and best information among the peer actors involved, but also a strong bond of friendship and alliance that in the near future can be translated into cooperation practices, technical support, and the organization of an Iberoamerican Congress as a shared task between the European and Latin American institutions.

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