Promotion of Creative and Cultural Industries.

The Program ‘Promotion of Cultural and Creative Industries – FOMECC’ is conceived as an operational model in which cultural production, given its potential to create wealth and employment, is understood as an instrument for development. It aims at strengthening the role of artists, creators and cultural agents through a set of activities, including awareness-raising of civil society on cultural management and cultural and creative industries, training and specialized advice with the organization of conferences and seminars. The Program provides means to ensure that cultural entrepreneurial projects are not only profitable and sustainable but also sources of development and productivity that, ultimately, benefit the communities in which they are set. FOMECC is based on two fundamental principles: the explicit acknowledgment that culture offers an incentive for social and economic development, of both communities and countries, and the potential of the cultural and creative industries to foster cultural diversity.

With the support of the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID)Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain and the City Council of Barcelona, Interarts has carried out different projects, always in partnership with local agents, in the framework of its FOMECC Program. For further information, see

Each FOMECC project has a website to ensure continuous dissemination of the services offered and results achieved: (FOMECC Colombia); (FOMECC Honduras); (FOMECC Peru).

Type of services provided
– Organization of seminars and conferences
– Implementation of business incubators
– Technical and administrative coordination of the Project
– Institutional relations (political, banking sector, chambers of commerce)
– Training courses
– Advice for the cultural and creative sector
– Design of website
– Promotion of international networks in the cultural sector
– Creating guilds of cultural sector
– Promotion of the participation of cultural and creative operators in international fairs, expositions and festivals

Start date

1 January 2006

End date

1 June 2016


  • To promote, by encouraging and strengthening cultural and creative industries, the social and economic development of the arts and cultural sector.
  • To provide the opportunities for professional networking, business contacts and productive alliances for cultural and creative entrepreneurs.
  • To increase the number of entrepreneurial projects which develop into cultural and/or creative businesses.
  • To strengthen the professional skills of the creative and cultural sector.
  • To systematize information and improve knowledge on the structure and features of the cultural and creative business sector.
  • To improve the quality of life of cultural entrepreneurs, and, as a consequence, of their families and entourage.


  • Improvement of cultural competencies in order to increase human and social development.
  • Increase in the number of creative and cultural entrepreneurial projects and business ideas which later on may form the fundamental ideas for building up companies.
  • Deepening and systematising knowledge on the structure and characteristics of the cultural and creative industry.
  • Identification and monitoring on the creation of cultural enterprises projects.
  • Capacity-raising and training of cultural agents.
  • Creating a network of strategic alliances between public and private local institutions in order to multiply the results of the project.
  • Strengthening of the sub-regional public policy framework in the field of culture by linking representatives of local administrations and cultural operators, both as allies and recipients, to the project.

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