The Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends  is a web-based and updated information and monitoring system of national cultural policies a of 45 different countries.  Each country profile is written and updated by independent cultural policy experts and, in the case of Spain, the person in charge of managing the corresponding content is Anna Villaroya.

In February 2019 Anna Villarroya worked and launched the NEW methodological structure of the Compendium platform for Spain, which allows organizing and monitoring the evolution of cultural policies more issues-based approach. This has become a model for the other countries to follow and, as of this month, the Netherlands will join this new network and be the second profile to be revamped.

For now, profiles are available in PDF format. As soon as the new Compendium website is online, all country profiles will be integrated into the new online structure. For more information, please click the following links.