The “NETCHER worldwide state of play: Illicit trafficking of cultural heritage” workshop, organized by the Roman-Germanic Commission of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), took place on 28 and 29 May 2019 in Frankfurt-am-Main.

This is the first of the NETCHER workshops for cultural heritage experts on the following 6 topics:

  • Origin and traceability
  • Education and awareness
  • Preservation and reconstruction
  • Return and restitution
  • Traffic channels and actors
  • Operational and legal intervention

The workshops will draw relevant conclusions on the gaps and trends on the basis of the contributions from experts and institutions such the ICOM, the Technological University of Troyes, the National Hellenic Research Foundation, the British Museum, the European Commission, the French Ministry of Culture, the Louvre Museum, the CUT – Heritage Research Lab, the Lyon-2 University and the Culture Unit of UNESCO (among others), in addition to the project consortium members. This convening of a broad range of experts from international organizations, research institutions, and foundations, was at the basis of the NETCHER project: to build a European network for the collection of information and good practices by relying on a maximum number of actors involved in the preservation and conservation of heritage.

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