In early March started ”Cultural Rights to foster behavioural changes and women’s empowerment against Domestic Violence in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean (DECIDES Caribbean)”. The project, developed by a consortium led by Interarts in Interarts, in association with Caribbean Women’s Association (CARIWA), Advocates for Safe Parenthood (Saint Lucia) Inc. (ASPIRE) and Women Against Rape Inc. (WAR), and co-funded by the European Commission in the framework of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), aims at contributing to reduce Domestic Violence in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Region by promoting societal cultural changes and enhancing the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) to counter it. It emerges from the identification of different needs and constraints in the Region affecting domestic and gender violence most of which are deeply entrenched in societal cultural and behavioural norms. The project will, therefore, have a comprehensive approach towards different beneficiaries, such as CSOs; professionals dealing with the issue; teachers; and religious leaders. DECIDES Caribbean will refer in particular to the cultural dimension of the issue, at different levels, by enhancing general knowledge about Domestic Violence; improving CSOs’ competence through workshops and peer-learning; Avoiding cultural bias of professionals through learning partnerships and the creation of a network among stakeholders; increasing society’s awareness through cultural events and products and public campaigns.