The partner associations from the audiovisual and music sector of Medellin in the ‘FomeccBiz Medellin-Barcelona II’ project – AVA and Gestar Cultural – have worked together on a study on the transmedia sector in Medellin and Barcelona under the supervision of Interarts and the University of Antioquia Faculty of Arts Extension Centre. Professor Jack Franklin, a marketing expert at the University of Antioquia, has also been involved in the study, brining a market research approach to the drafting process. The study took into account factors inherent to the sector and transmedia products, both in Colombia (particularly Medellin) and Spain (primarily Barcelona). It also looked at examples of transmedia products from around the world, providing an analysis of the phenomenon at local and global levels, in addition to setting out funding possibilities. The document contains the information needed to create a joint transmedia business model character between the audiovisual and music sectors that can be internationalised, including the following macro-sections: 1. Identifying the joint audiovisual/music transmedia business model ‘Medellin, a story to hear’, and local and international examples. 2. Industry trends worldwide in both the audiovisual/transmedia and music sectors, with a presentation of national and international companies.