On February 28, the National Council of Culture and Arts (CoNCA) of Catalonia published the report of Gender inequality in the cultural occupation of Catalonia, a document that looks into the causes of these inequalities and suggests new intervention measures. Interarts is pleased to inform that Anna Villarroya, who recently participated in the HERStory Barcelona 2019 event, is one of the two authors of the report alongside Maite Barrios (University of Barcelona).

During the last years, it has been acknowledged that inequalities in the cultural sector labor market are present in diverse facets and dimensions: in the working conditions and integration; in the taking over of positions of responsibility, power and leadership; in the access to permits, grants, scholarships and other recognitions; and in the visibility of the artistic and cultural work of women, among others. Without any doubt, in many countries, there are still several challenges to finally achieve true equality of opportunities for the professional development of women and men, and the economic, social and cultural development of the country as well.

The study aims to accomplish the following 3 objectives:

  • Value the perception that the professionals of culture in Catalonia have about gender inequalities in the cultural sector of the country;
  • Analyse the causes for gender inequalities in the cultural sector of Catalonia;
  • Advance in the design of intervention measures, both by public administrations and the private sector, which will allow reducing inequalities due to gender in the cultural sector of Catalonia.

If you are interested in more information or in reading the report, please click on the following links.