The Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends is an information and monitoring system that stores and updates content on the national cultural policies of 45 different countries. Each Compendium profile is written and updated by independent experts.

Anna Villarroya, the expert in charge of drafting Spain’s cultural policy profile, worked and launched in February 2019 the NEW methodological structure of the Compendium platform, which allows accessing information about, and monitoring the evolution of, cultural policies by also applying a thematic focus. This has become a model for other countries to follow and, after the publication of the Spanish and Dutch pilot profiles, after the publication of the pilot Spanish profile and the Dutch profile, the third one to have been updated is the profile of Latvia.

Among its main objectives, Latvia’s cultural policy aims at encouraging cultural participation and promoting arts education within the framework of formal education systems. For the time being, the profiles are available in PDF format; as soon as the new Compendium website is online, all updated profiles will be integrated into the new grid.

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