The Dutch women’s museum KVINDE MUSEET I DANMARK, one of the few women’s museums in the world and our partner in the DECIDES Europe project, opens their “Transitions” exhibition displaying women’s life transitions. The exhibition is focused on celebrating that a woman’s life is full of transitions, from puberty to menopause, and that these phases should be embraced with all the vulnerability and strength that they come with.  The kick-off of the exhibition will take place on May 10th (2019) with a celebration of the three-day Woman Life Festival, with artworks and music performances, scientific and socially relevant presentations, talks and debates. This event gives the floor to a wide range of women including artists, experts, and other contributors to share their standpoints from a historical, theological, medical, artistic, journalistic, and feminist perspective on women’s life.

With this upcoming exhibition and festival, the museum will continue its mission in fostering curiosity, dialogue, reflection and knowledge about the importance of the gender equality issues. The exhibition will be open until September 29th (2019).

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