In the wake of the rapid changes affecting the world today, such as urban growth, the digital communication revolution, new global players and changes in cultural values, the Conference “International Cultural Relations of the European Union” took place on 30 and 31 May, in Rijeka, European Capital of Culture 2020. Experts from the cultural sector and international cooperation discussed the role and challenges of cultural policies in reaffirming Europe’s unique value and strengthening diplomatic relations between European countries and other regions in the world.

On the first day, Mercedes Giovinazzo, Director of Interarts, participated in the session “Cultural Relations of the European Union and North Africa” with a contribution based on the experience of Interarts as leader of development cooperation projects focused on culture, in the region, and emphasising the impact of the value of culture in processes of social cohesion, intercultural dialogue and promotion of cultural diversity.

The strategy highlighting the contribution of culture as a catalyst for sustainable social and economic development is an arduous but fundamental task. For this reason, strengthening awareness of the interdependence of cultures and practices of cultural exchange that support mutual understanding and respect for fundamental values, is not only the formula for a new model of cooperation, but also one of the most important objectives of the New European Agenda for Culture.

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