“Beyond the Obvious” is an annual event co-organized by the international network Culture Action Europe” (CAE) that aims to move beyond conventional assumptions, theories and practices that hinder the contribution of culture to social and economic regeneration at local, national and European level. “Beyond the Obvious” 2019 will be held from October 23rd to 26th in Konstanz (Kreuzlingen), and it will focus on “Cultural Crops: Cultural Practices in Non-Urban Territories“.

The event will be organized in three conceptual blocks: (1) ‘Dynamics & Organisation: How does cultural work in peripheral territories take place and how is it organised?’; (2) ‘Urban-Rural Discrepancies: What is the difference between urban visions of the rural and what rural is today?’; (3) ‘Blurred Borderlines: Where does the rural begin and where does it end?’

In order to demonstrate the potential of these cultural crops, this edition offers a dynamic itinerary in which participants are invited to experience the diversity of models and practices present in the region. These visits will surely encourage further debate and exchange of practices among peers from different parts of Europe and, thus, offer the opportunity for high-impact learning. The conference will also include keynote speeches and round tables, training workshops and a project agora. Interarts will participate in the conference, as well as in CAE’s Members Forum and the Annual General Assembly, which will take place on the same dates, and will be open only to members.

If you are interested in knowing more about the program or in registering, please check the following links. Remember, registration must be done before September 13 (18.00 CET) to get the discounted early registration fee.