Antonio Gucciardo, General Manager of Interarts, participated on February 10 2019, in the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and partnership session, organized by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) and the Department of External Action, Institutional Relations and Transparency of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in the framework of the Mediterranean strategy MedCo 2010 and the 2019 – 2022 Action Plan.

The aim of this session of debate among experts was to present the current main trends, challenges and recommendations of the cultural sector in the region to contribute to multilateral and multilevel cooperation between states’, local and civil society networks.

Beyond the undeniable support from the European Union to mobilize resources and address key issues for cooperation and security, participation and dynamism by other social, economic and cultural stakeholders is also essential. Organizations such as Interarts contribute to the relevant debates on issues of freedom, creativity and sustainability for the development of this shared geographic, cultural and economic space. Also, participation in these Mediterranean networks and initiatives is a key element that contributes to the integration of the various projects and collaboration frameworks that exist in the region, and contributes to making them more complementary, coherent and cross-cutting.

Based on these reflections, participants will shortly prepare a proposal for an executive report.