What role does music play in survival of domestic violence? And social prejudices? The students of Christian Faith High School of Business in Antigua answer these and other questions in short audiovisual pieces that they created at an animation workshop held last May as part of the project DECIDES Caribbean which is funded by the European Union and aims to eradicate prejudice, promote behavioural change, and reduce domestic violence in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean region. Led by PDA Films, the workshop provided an opportunity for all the students involved to reflect and exchange opinions on domestic violence in all its forms, thereby fulfilling the objective of raising awareness. The young participants analysed the various expressions of domestic violence in society, looked for possible solutions to the problem, and portrayed them in ten clips that address the issue of domestic violence from ten different perspectives using different animation techniques. Compiled in a single final piece, the video available on the following link, will also be used for future awareness-raising activities. DECIDES Caribbean is implemented by Interarts, Caribbean Women’s Association (CARIWA), Advocates for Safe Parenthood (Saint Lucia) Inc. (ASPIRE) and Women Against Rape WAR).