After the Antiguan Institutional Review Board’s official approval of the research proposal, the local research team, coordinated by WAR’s president, Alexandrina Wong, has begun early in January to conduct the field research in the parishes of St. John, St. Philip and in Barbuda. The field researchers, Amy Hasset and Koren Norton, will collect quantitative data on the incidence of Domestic Violence from relevant agencies (the police, courts, prison, juvenile/youth detention centres, Directorate of Gender Affairs, hotlines, Ministry of Education and schools, Ministry of Health and hospitals/health centres/clinics, etc.); conduct individual in-depth interviews with key stakeholders (parliamentarians, representatives of relevant Government Ministries, the police, courts, prison, juvenile detention/training centres, etc.) and individual semi-structured interviews with key informants (DV victims/survivors and perpetrators). Also, they will carry out Focus Group Discussions with key stakeholders in the selected parishes (representatives of local/parish councils, health professionals, education professionals, representatives of FBOs, NGOs and CBOs, youth representatives, etc.). The Principal Researcher, Dr. Rawwida Baksh, will collect qualitative and quantitative information emerged from the research to draft a situational analysis of Domestic Violence in Antigua and Barbuda. More information on DECIDES Caribbean at the following link.