In order to analyze the current situation of domestic violence in Antigua and Barbuda, the project DECIDES Caribbean has conducted an in-depth investigation on the issue, based on information, mainly provided by the Police and the Directorate of Gender Affairs, interviews, both with individuals, i.e. perpetrators and survivors, as well as groups, with focus groups involved in St. John, St. Phillip and St. Mary. The final research report is currently available. It has been written by Rawwida Baksh, principal researcher, responsible for the methodology used, and Koren Norton and Amy Hassett, local researchers, and the continued support of Alexandrina Wong, WAR’s president and coordinator of the DECIDES project in Antigua. The work includes a section of recommendations about raising awareness about domestic and gender violence, protection and support for survivors and rehabilitation of perpetrators, among other aspects. ‘DECIDE Caribe-Cultural rights for the development and empowerment of women against domestic violence in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean’ is a project co-financed by the European Union and implemented by Interarts, Women Against Rape (WAR), Caribbean Women’s Association (CARIWA) and Advocates for Safe Parenthood (St. Lucia) Inc. (ASPIRE). The final report of hte investigation can be found in the next link: