Please get out of the new one if you can not lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin ‘(Bob Dylan)


Cultural policies and management have, up to date, devoted very little time to think in terms of gender. But times are changing.

In Catalonia, during the last years, data and articles published show that women have a low presence in many cultural sectors. In certain cultural centres of the city of Barcelona, an important debate has been generated regarding power relations and the gender issues. Also, diverse seminars have been organized to discuss new and more equitable forms of participation and a cultural observatory on gender has been set up.

On March 8th 2018, women’s protests around the world were a point of inflection and no return. Ecology and feminism will be the great revolutions of the 21st century and the changes that they will entail will certainly be, as most are, essentially cultural.

Interarts has been leading, for some years now, singular and innovative projects around culture and women.

In 2007 we launched in Bolivia the DECIDES program on cultural rights and women, and it has successfully continued in many other contexts, such as Ecuador, Peru and Mali. Girls and women face discrimination in their lives in several areas, but sexual and reproductive health is where discrimination is much stronger and violent. We continue working on this in the Caribbean and in Trinidad and Tobago, but also in Denmark, Romania and Spain from the identification of the different needs and limitations of domestic and gender violence, deeply rooted in cultural habits and social behaviour.

In 2013 we participated in the She-Culture project in which, with other organisations in Albania, Denmark, Italy and Norway, we promoted cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue through the analysis and evaluation of gender policies in the field of culture at European and national level. She-Culture researched the support and visibility provided to women, through their active participation in art, culture and lifelong learning.

On February 18th and 19th we will organize HERstory Barcelona 2019, the second meeting of the European alliance of women leaders in culture in Europe that will conclude with a public session at la Bonne – Francesca Bonnemaison Women’s Culture Centre. In Latin America, women in culture, who have been mostly trained in the Euro-American Campuses for cultural cooperation promoted by Interarts, are organized the Women for Culture project since 2013. We need to go slowly to go far but times are changing for the better.

Gemma Carbó, chair of the Board of the Interarts Foundation