The European Network Culture Action Europe (CAE) in which Antonio Gucciardo, General Manager of Interarts, has also served as the Treasurer of the Board during the last years, launches a social campaign to make a formal and direct call to the citizens of the European Union (EU) to participate more actively in the European parliamentary elections scheduled between May 23 and 26, 2019. Through the unanimous force for cooperation and the mutual understanding that is expected among citizens, it will be possible to both vindicate and demand the fundamental values that Europe needs as a requirement of its political leaders and representatives, in pro of the development cultural policies, cultural rights and welfare in each one of the territories.

Through this campaign, the European network encourages the strengthening and recognition of the fundamental role of culture within the frame of political parties as a key element in the development of sustainable practices and as a strategic asset to defend European values. Voters have now the possibility of taking an informed position on the role of culture for their near future, and either acting or organizing events of dialogue to exhibit and demand a multifaceted perspective that supports the democratic, diverse, fair, free, human, inclusive and vital Europe expected.

The information to know the specific points of the campaign, as well as the essential material to join and support this cause, is available now in the following links.

(Image of Culture Action Europe (CAE))