Following the appointment of the new President of the European Commission, the Culture Action Europe (CAE) network has sent to Ursula von der Leyen a letter setting out the challenges and commitment that the cultural sector expects from the European Union for the next period (2019-2024).

Through this letter, CAE thanks Ursula for her statement clearly focused on building a Europe of peace, unity and values. In addition, in a clear and firm manner, it requests that the European cultural space is promoted as a fundamental basis of the Union. Some of the objectives put forward are: to defend the development of cultural policies for greater cross-sectorial interaction, to invest in culture to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, to develop a fair and solid economic basis for cultural workers and organisations, and, of course, to promote fundamental rights and freedoms in line with the Union’s strategic plan for local development and international cooperation.

Culture is a valuable driver for change in a number of policy areas and is undoubtedly a mobilising force for shaping Europe’s future. The terms have been identified, now we must start working on them.

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