International Women’s Day is an opportunity to think about the progress made in the implementation of cultural policies related to human rights and gender equality. It is also an opportunity to give shape to our dreams for a better future for the future generations of women and men.

This year, in partnership with Interarts and the Institut Français of Barcelona, the Union for the Mediterranean (the intergovernmental organization that brings together all the European Union Member States and 15 countries from the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean to promote dialogue and cooperation) will celebrate International Women’s Day by inviting all those residing in Barcelona to participate in an event that highlights and brings together testimonies of brave women who have made a contribution in the fight for equality of women and girls.

The event will take place on March 8, 2019 at 6:45pm at the Institut Français of Barcelona, Carrer de Moià, 8, Barcelona.

The invited speakers are:

  • Linda Bartolleto (France), Air Force and French National Police officer;
  • Sonia Terrab (Marrocco), writer and creator of Marokkiat Web channel;
  • Samira Negm (Egypt), winner of the second best device company MWC 2016 and creator of App;
  • Mihaela Ganea (Romania), artistic director of the EuRocultura festival;
  • Khedija Lemkecher (Tunisia), film director and activist; and
  • Isabel Castro Martínez, board member of the European Women in Audiovisual Network – EWA.

If you want to know more about the event and wish to register, please click on the links below.