Generation of cultural and creative business network for local development (Phase II).

The project embodies the second phase of FomeccBiz Medellín–Barcelona, a process conceived by Interarts and the Faculty of Arts of the University of Antioquia to support the creative and cultural agents of Medellín in order to reinforce their capacities on production, distribution, commercialization and network business and exchange. The project is comprehended within the FOMECC Program (Promotion of Cultural and Creative Industries), implemented in Colombia since 2007. Like the first phase, this second stage is addressed to musical and audiovisual entrepreneurs and aims at working on the institutional reinforcement of the musical and audiovisual guilds, on human capital training, on co-creation and commercialization support and on building regional and international strategic collaborations in order to strengthen the business network as well as sustainable processes on cultural production in Medellín.

This second phase is developed with the support of the “Barcelona Solidària” development cooperation program from the Barcelona city council. Moreover, and besides the collaboration with the University of Antioquia, the projects also counts with the participation of the Audiovisual, Videogames and Animation Association (AVA) and Gestar Cultural, which represents the musical sector in Medellín, and aims at fostering innovative techniques of co-creation and collaborations between the sub-sectors for better organized and positioned political interventions and a more efficient cultural production. Against this background, the project foresees a workshop on transmedia co-creation with two international experts, an introductory event as a first meeting between Medellín’s leading agents of both music and audiovisual sectors, followed by a series of institutional meetings to elaborate a collaborative business strategy.

FomeccBiz Medellín-Barcelona phase II also aims at supporting the internationalization of cultural offer of Medellín as well as at generating partnerships between Colombian and Spanish (especially from Barcelona) cultural entities. The social network FomeccBiz has been created as an online tool for all the artists taking part in the project and any cultural or creative entrepreneur who might be interested. The network is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Educations, Culture and Sport.

From October 15th to October 18th the Cultural Centre of the University of Antioquia (Medellín, Colombia) is hosting the workshop on transmedia co-creation led by Toni Marin, audiovisual producer and director, and Xavier Capellas, musician and specialist in soundtrack composition for audiovisuals. The workshop envisaged the participation of entities associated with AVA and some of the musicians of Gestar Cultural like Miguel Rodrick Quinteto, Autor Anónimo, Vox Populi and Cuarteto ARCOB.

The outcome of this workshop was the transmedia project ‘Medellin a story to hear’, which was presented at the trade and knowledge mission of business people and musicians from Medellin to Barcelona, from November 30 to December 5. The mission included a meeting among music industry and transmedia professionals from Barcelona and Medellin on December 1 2015, at which cultural and creative agents from Barcelona and Medellin shared experiences and proposals and began to forge future professional collaborations.

Start date

1 October 2014


  • To strengthen at a local level the cultural and creative industries as economical and sociocultural growth catalysts by reinforcing their business networks and promoting their sustainable processes on cultural production and promotion.
  • To reinforce Medellín’s cultural agents action capacities by strengthening their institutional capacities and the application of innovative methodologies on products and services production and commercialization as well as on business and collaborative role models exchanges between Medellín and Barcelona.


  • Strengthened institutional collaborations between the audiovisual and musical sectors/industries.
  • Provide tools and opportunities to the creative sector in order to improve its professionality and commercialization capacities.
  • Support to the musical sector exchange processes between Medellín and Barcelona.

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