From 24 to 27 May, the TEH Conference 85 was held in ZAWP Bilbao (Zorrotzaurre Art Work in Progress), Bilbao, Spain. The event, organised by the TransEurope Halles was entitled ‘Mientras Tanto. Space-time Intruders’, concerning to the alternative urban moviment wich uses spaces in process of change to instal in them artistic and cultural initiatives, in the meanwhile of this transformation; ZAWP Bilbao is a case in point. The president of the Interarts Board, Eduard Miralles, was among the speakers of the TEH85 opening panel, exploring the importance of culture in urban transformation and transition contexts. IN this sense, some projects implemented by Interarts have this aspect as a main factor, such a ‘LAIC – Culture and arts supporting social cohesion in Latin American cities’ and ‘Culture at Work Africa – the Public Value of Culture for Social Cohesion and Urban Development in Africa’. (Photo: ZAWP Bilbao).