This Interarts editorial has not been written by Eduard Miralles. Sadly but serenely, the Foundation’s Board and team are taking up where he left off, with all that entails in terms of responsibility and standards. We will miss him and remember him with his constant concerns about words and their meanings, ironic in his analysis of reality, right in his comments that were always well contemplated.

It was a pleasure to talk with you Eduard, about culture and about anything.

You were a teacher to many of us along with Eduard Delgado, Alfons Martinell and Joaquim Franch. You were the dream team of the first Master’s in Cultural Management and proponents of the CERC and the many INTERACCIONS that made Barcelona an undisputed landmark in this field.

We shared your passion for sociocultural events, we trained as cultural managers and then got involved in cultural development cooperation – as you liked to define it – through the Euroamerican (and Euroafrican) campuses. It is difficult these days to move around Latin America and Europe without coming across someone in the world of culture who knew and loved you.

When you called me to ask me to join the Board of this Foundation I felt very honoured, although it also seemed bold to take on responsibilities alongside the person who had always taught me to make well-founded decisions. 

In the last few months I have been fortunate to spend time with you, exchanging at several debates and at several executive committee meetings as the vice-chair of Interarts. That time was always stress-free, even though we were talking about work and sometimes about problems. Your tranquil, unhurried way of connecting up worlds, people and situations to contextualise and frame what we were discussing made me feel that I was eternally learning.

As the president of the Board you never gave ‘no’ as an answer. You always accepted the many invitations you received, wherever they were. Indefatigable traveller, unarguable public relations, friend to your friends, great knower of cultural situations and realities, institutions and people all over the world.

You left us suddenly; we didn’t have the chance to say goodbye and it is hard to accept that you will no longer be with us. It may sound like a cliché but you will always be present at our meetings because at Interarts we are the sum of all those who sadly have left us. On your behalf we will remain constant in the challenge of putting culture at the heart of all debates.

As Jordi Font has said in the enclosed article, we need to think seriously about writing down the history of culture policies in Catalonia that you contributed so much to.

Wherever you are Eduard, continue to guide us.

Gemma Carbó, acting chair of the Board of the Interarts Foundation