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PRACTICS is a project supported by the European Commission which aims to provide information to help the mobility of artists and cultural professionals in Europe.

PRACTICS Infopoints…

… help artists and cultural workers to overcome obstacles in pursuing an international career,

… provide user-friendly information about EU cross-border mobility in the cultural sector,

… are first entry-points to a new country for cultural professionals,

… offer concrete administrative support to both foreign cultural workers who want to work in the country where Infopoints are based and to national cultural workers who want to work in another EU-country,

… are located in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Wales.

PRACTICS Infopoints answer questions, provide handbooks and advise on legal, fiscal and social issues.

Main information areas are:

1. regulatory issues (social security, taxation, intellectual property rights, visas and work permits etc.)
2. national funding and financing opportunities for mobility
3. country profiles
4. local job and employment market

Please refer to the PRACTICS guides at the bottom of this page.

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