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Study on the Integration of Cultural Rights in Museum Policy and Practice in Latin America Chilean researcher and cultural manager Malena Bastías carried out a placement at Interarts between April and July 2013. A ... read more
Cyberkaris will not be published in August Interarts will maintain their activity throughout the month of August, but, as in previous years, the Cyberkaris newsletter ... read more
Interarts assists in the preparation of Factorial Barcelona. International Meeting of Arts Factories The Institute of Culture of the City of Barcelona (ICUB) will organize in 29-31 October the first International Conference ... read more
Culture2015goal: latest actions The campaign to include culture in the Sustainable Development Goals from 2015 is strongly going ahead. As of late June, ... read more


BROKERING MIGRANTS' CULTURAL PARTICIPATION (MCP BROKER) MCP Broker is a project aimed to enhance and stimulate the cultural participation of migrants by improving the capacity of ... read more
SHE-CULTURE Coordinated by E COOM European for Cultural Organisation and Management , Interarts is developing this project together ... read more
BALADY, AN INSIGHT IN OUR SOCIETY FROM A CULTURAL AND A GENDER PERSPECTIVE The ''Balady'' project observes how gender roles and models affect our bodies through belly dancing and cultural exchanges. ... read more
FOMECCBIZ. GENERATION OF CULTURAL AND CREATIVE BUSINESS NETWORK Following Interarts ’ actions in the development of the FOMECC Program to expand the FOMECC Portal with the FomeccNet tool ... read more
STRENGTHEN, THROUGH CULTURE, THE CAPACITIES OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN INFORMAL SECTOR TO DEMAND THEIR SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH RIGTHS, BAMAKO. MALI III The project is the third Interarts ’ intervention in Mali, and its starting premise is that the culture provides valuable ... read more
INDIGENOUS WOMEN AND HIV: PREVENTION FROM AN INTERCULTURAL APPROACH IN BOLIVIA. (SRH BOLIVIA III) From 2007 to 2010, Interarts and Family Care International/Bolivia have collaborated in the project on the recognition ... read more
SAFE SPACES AGAINST SEXUAL VIOLENCE: PROMOTING YOUNG PEOPLE RIGHTS IN URBAN-RURAL AREAS OF LORETO, PERU In October 2011, Interarts initiated this project in collaboration with the center for the Promotion and Defense of ... read more